2010.01.13 - Level 2 Boss-In-Progress

Just another quick update to show off a pair of videos of the in-progress level 2 boss.

First, note that the textures that I have on there currently are horrible, and I know this.  It’s okay.

The first video was simply to test the independent motion of the various moving parts of the boss:

aaaaand the second shows off the missile-launching capabilities of the rear hatches (complete with brand-new missile effects and embarassing flights into the direct path of the missiles!):

That’s all for now!

2 Responses to “Level 2 Boss-In-Progress”

  1. n00body Says:

    I like how your game is shaping up. I definitely enjoy the form and overall look of the enemy units. 😉

  2. Drilian Says:

    Thanks 🙂 I’m way behind on blog posts, there’s been a lot of progress since this. Hopefully I’ll have some more written this week!

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