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2014.01.11 - Procyon is Greenlit!

Valve recently announced that Procyon is in the most-recent batch of titles to be given the green light for release on Steam! This is super-exciting news!

There are a few things that I want to add to Procyon before it’s ready for general Steam release: achievements, proper leaderboards, steam overlay support, etc. Basically, all of the steam features that make sense.

It’ll be a bit before it gets done, as we’re working on putting the finishing touches on Infamous: Second Son at work, so I’m a little dead by the time I get home at the moment. But once we’ve shipped, I’ll likely have the time and energy to get Procyon rolling out onto Steam.


2013.08.25 - Procyon is released!

It’s been a ridiculously long time coming, but I’m finally breaking my radio silence on this poor, poor blog to let you know that Procyon has, in fact, finally been released!

It’s available on Desura and IndieCity:


Also check out Procyon’s nifty homepage:!

Thanks to everyone who helped get this thing out the door!

2010.07.22 - Ridiculously Sparse Update For A Relatively-Unloved Blog

I’ll go into more detail later, but here’s a SUPER quick synopsis of the last (yikes!) six months:

  • Completed the demo build of Procyon
    • Level 3!
    • New title screen!
    • Finished game flow!
    • Working local multiplayer!
    • New control scheme!
    • New font rendering mechanism!
    • New tutorial!
    • Another bullet point with an accompanying exclamation point!
  • Sent it through several (sometimes-painful) rounds of playtest on the creator’s club forums, and got some great feedback (especially the feedback from one Jason Doucette of Xona Games, who gave some painful-to-hear but necessary criticism)
  • Submitted to the PAX 10 competition
  • Learned that I was not accepted into the PAX 10 competition 🙁
  • Started work fixing the networked multiplayer that I broke while working towards the demo (I’d disabled it for the demo so that I could keep my focus elsewhere!

Anyway, that’s my short update.  But fear not, for here, too, is a pair of videos!