The first test of my scripting setup is going rather well. And it’s completely chairless.

I have been working on converting over Cheapass Games’ “Cube Farm” into a digital format (which, sad to say, I’m never going to give out to anyone, what with copyright issues and the like. This is just my own internal test to make sure that I can do it), and it’s going rather well.

While I don’t have any of the scoring working yet, what I *DO* have is very promising. Namely, I have the cards displaying, and you can place them in the world.

Also, I recently added a blueprint-style background which, while it’s a bit higher contrast than I’d like, is a bit more interesting (and fitting) than the original green-on-black grid.

Some screenshots!

Click to enlarge

The camera control is simple (and intuitive): hold down the right mouse button, and you can drag the grid around (to move the camera). Holding middle mouse lets you move the mouse left/right to spin the camera around the look-at point, and up/down zooms in and out (and also adjust the angle at which you’re viewing the board).

So far, so good. Next up: Actual gameplay!


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