The Topics Grew In Fields

A few things to talk about this entry (no screenshots, but there is an MP3 later):

Cube Farm

Cube farm is declared complete. I decided not to add any polish to it, because it was simply a test of my game development framework. It gave me a large list of things that I need to work on (better UI layout control, ability to put 3D objects into the UI, menuing systems, better input setup, etc) before moving on to the next game. Which brings us to…

Next Project

In keeping with my Konami-inspired game development theme, the next game that I’m planning will be a side-scrolling space shoot-em-up similar to Gradius.

The plan, however, is to have all of the entities and backgrounds be full 3D and make use of some of the higher-level features of my framework (some of which are actually implemented). These features include (but are not limited to):

  • Procedurally-generated textures (on-the-fly, cached in, no tiling)
  • instancing
  • Multi-core support
  • Procedural geometry

New Song

I was finally able to break through my composer’s block and get something (ANYTHING!) composed. I like it, though it’s a bit longer than it needs to be. Oh well, that I got anything written at all is good enough right now. I’ve been on a dry streak since the end of Mop of Destiny.

MP3: Longing – 4:31 (6.5 MB)

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