The Procyon Update Post

So. Here I am, back again after another long hiatus in blog posting. But now that Procyon is almost done, I figured I should share some news!

First and foremost, Procyon has now been posted to Steam Greenlight!

Please go vote for it! Every vote gets the game that much closer to being able to release on Steam!

And, to share some of the fun pieces of video, here’s Procyon’s trailer:

Next up, and just as fun, here’s a look at the in-game intro to Procyon:

Procyon now has a website! You can check it out at

Additionally, you can now check out Procyon on Facebook!

Finally, you can also listen to (and purchase) Procyon’s soundtrack on Bandcamp!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for now!

2 thoughts on “The Procyon Update Post”

  1. Damn, this had been a long road since your LPP post, back in 2008!

    Like Josh said, glad to see you back with an amazingly polished product! 😀

    Good luck!

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