Procyon is released!

It’s been a ridiculously long time coming, but I’m finally breaking my radio silence on this poor, poor blog to let you know that Procyon has, in fact, finally been released!

It’s available on Desura and IndieCity:

(Way-late 2022 edit: no it’s not, anymore – both of those storefronts are gone. But it’s on Steam!)

Also check out Procyon’s nifty homepage:!

Thanks to everyone who helped get this thing out the door!

2 thoughts on “Procyon is released!”

  1. I wonder how I found your blog a year or two ago – have you ever been doing anything with SFML?

    Anyways, it’s awesome to see this released, especially if you go back and see how this has been coming a long way!
    I just got Procyon on Desura, also 9.4 rating is quite nice! 🙂

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