Oh Hey, There’s A Blog Here

Is this thing on?


So apparently I forgot how to update my blog for over a year, making the previous post’s title even more accurate than it should have been.

What’s been going on, you ask? I’ll tell you.

  • I’ve switched jobs! Now I’m working at Sucker Punch Productions as a coder (working mostly on missions and the like). It’s a totally fantastic place to work. If you look ever-so-slightly close, you can find my name in the Infamous 2 credits 🙂
  • I’ve entered Procyon into DreamBuildPlay and this year’s PAX 10 (no love from the judges, though)
  • I’ve been lazy about updating my blog!
  • And I’ve updated the holy craps out of Procyon!
    • Entirely new enemies (and enemy art)
    • New levels
    • Updated special effects
    • A new level
    • All sorts of new craziness

Okay, the list isn’t as long as last post’s, but I have been busy. Some new videos:


Hopefully I’ll update a bit more often than once per year. Sorry for the radio silence. I have a lot of things that I could write about, if only I’d take the time to do so.