Ridiculously Sparse Update For A Relatively-Unloved Blog

I’ll go into more detail later, but here’s a SUPER quick synopsis of the last (yikes!) six months:

  • Completed the demo build of Procyon
    • Level 3!
    • New title screen!
    • Finished game flow!
    • Working local multiplayer!
    • New control scheme!
    • New font rendering mechanism!
    • New tutorial!
    • Another bullet point with an accompanying exclamation point!
  • Sent it through several (sometimes-painful) rounds of playtest on the creator’s club forums, and got some great feedback (especially the feedback from one Jason Doucette of Xona Games, who gave some painful-to-hear but necessary criticism)
  • Submitted to the PAX 10 competition
  • Learned that I was not accepted into the PAX 10 competition 🙁
  • Started work fixing the networked multiplayer that I broke while working towards the demo (I’d disabled it for the demo so that I could keep my focus elsewhere!

Anyway, that’s my short update.  But fear not, for here, too, is a pair of videos!