Our Continuing Mission…

It is now highly apparent that there is no chance of me finishing this project by the end of this month. It was an impressively unrealistic goal in the first place. Oh well. It did its intended job: To light a fire under me and make me get to work on it.

And I’m still working. I don’t really have any pretty screenshots of anything new, but I’ve just finished planning some extensions to the gameplay (a totally different method of doing the collision detection that’ll be faster, as well as different track cross-sections, like driving inside of a tube). Then I’ll start beefing up the actual graphics engine proper. It’ll be nice to get some actual environments around those tracks!

Modeling will go as follows:

  1. Use track editor to create track
  2. Export completed track to a mesh format
  3. Load mesh into standard 3D Modeling program
  4. Create background
  5. Save/export to some format that I can read in
  6. Replace the temp materials assigned in the modeling program with the actual in-game materials
  7. Run it through the lightmap-generating radiosity dealy
  8. Save as level format
  9. Profit!

Or something like that.

Sound complicated? It is! But it’s easier than me coding my own 3D modeller. I tried that once, it didn’t work out so well.

Anyway, the AI is coming along…slowly. I’ve stopped developing it until after the collision detection rewrite.

Anyway, I guess the release date has changed a bit. It’s now “When It’s Done.” Except I plan on that not becoming the Duke Nukem Forever version of “When It’s Done.”

This is still the most progress I’ve made on a game in my spare-time programming efforts. Ever. I’m happy with it!

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